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Monday, March 24, 2008

Eastview Parents Weekly 3/23-3/29

Greetings from Morning Star Ranch in Florence Kansas. My family and I are here to check it out before our youth ministry mission trip this summer. It is a sunny 58 degrees. This is a great facility! There are all sorts of outdoor things to do, and our students will be busy helping them recover from weeks of summer camps. Wednesday morning, we’re taking a trip into Wichita to the World Impact site there. I hope that you’ll be talking to your students about this GREAT opportunity to minister to others. The “early bird” cost of this trip per student is only $130. AFTER April 16th, the cost for the trip will increase to $150. Please help me plan for this trip with a $25 deposit and application turned in by April 16th. I’ve attached the application to this email.

Here are some websites about to check out.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, April 2nd
Come join us for the baptism of Ashley Heald, one of the high school students who has been a part of our Wednesday night youth group for about 5 months. The service starts about 6:50pm, will include worship led by one of Eastview’s worship teams, a brief message, baptism and communion.

Saturday, April 4th
Saturday Evening Meal Program- this is an opportunity for us to serve locally in Cedar Rapids. We need 5-7 students for the serving and clean-up opportunities...there is a sign up sheet at church this Wednesday night.

Servers 3:30-5:30 p.m.
Clean-up 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Saturday, April 12th
Kernels Stadium Clean-Up Fundraiser. The game begins at 2pm, so we need to be there by 4:30. We should be done by 6:30pm at the latest. We need about 5-7 students and a few adults to coordinate. If your students are going on one of our mission trips, or to camp this summer, this is for them!

Friday/Saturday April 25th/26th
World Visions 30 Hour Famine-packets will be handed out to students this week.

Friday/Saturday May 9/10
The “early bird” deadline for registration has passed. Cost per student is $90 until April 16th. After April 17th, the cost increases to $100/student (CIY’s cost increases on the dates listed).

Saturday, March 22, 2008

If you could ask God one question that He had to answer...what would you ask Him?

Why did you create us?
Why do people have such bad tempers
When will I die?
Why did you make me the way I am?
How can you love people who disobey you so much?
How is the world going to end, and when?
How old are you?
Did Samson really love Delilah?
So, Explain this whole love thing again...
What the hey is going on here?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This Week's Question

Question: What is it about Jesus that attracted you to Him?


He died for us so I thought it was really cool
He has the best coping skill ever
Forgiving soul and sin
Filling the hole
Someone I could talk to
Confidence in knowing I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength
His grace-scandalous acceptance of sinners and adamant for searching for the "sick"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Eastview Parents Weekly

CIY Believe (Middle School Students)
Why is the deposit due by March 23rd?

For registrations in by March 27th, the cost per student is only $80.
For registrations by April 17th, the cost per student goes to $90.
After April 17th, the cost per student goes to $100/student.

The above costs cover the conference, food, and HELP with transportation and lodging costs. I am going to be gone the week of March 23rd-28th, so I need to get registrations sent on March 24th.
If the deposit is prohibitive due to it only being 2 weeks away, please let me know immediately.
If the cost is prohibitive because of, well the cost, we have scholarship money’s just earning interest! See me for a scholarship application.

It’s this weekend at Eastview from 10am-3pm. The only investment from you is time and a couple bucks to help with meals. I promise that this will be worth your time. If you have not signed up, please let me know that you are coming so we can plan for meals and space.

The Wendy’s fundraiser for tomorrow night has been CANCELLED.

Cleaning Kernels Stadium
We are signed up for the following dates to clean Kernels Stadium after their games. We’ll need a couple of adults and about 7 students per game.

Day Game Time

sat 4/12 2:00
fri 5/16 6:30
sat 5/17 6:30
sat 8/16 7:00
mon 8/18 7:00
tues 8/19 7:00
fri 8/29 7:00
sat 8/30 7:00

We also have the ability to be “ticket-takers” this year. We would provide 5 people, aged 16 and up, and make $55/game. I’m finding out more details about this.

Hope to see you all this Saturday!