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Friday, July 25, 2008

The last few days


No posts. Why?

We've been busy.

We've been up early climbing mountains. That morning, both Elva Jean and Samantha tripped and injured themselves. It was hard to see that happen, knowing that nothing could be done as they fell, then bled. Sam's twisted knee has been a downer for her as she watches the rest of the students play games with the kids.

We've been spending long days at Pavon and then the Mission, then returning to eat and have devotions. Our times in the home have been the most challenging. Relationally, 15 people have been put in an environment that is more conducive to stress than not. There have been great moments of dysfunctionality.

Yesterday, it rained. A lot. It also hailed. We left the Mission and drove through streets flooded because of the lack of sewers and storm drains. We got back to the youth home to find water everywhere. And our team had a breakthrough. We worked together as a group. There were no speeches about what needed to be done, we did not need to prep for 6 months in advance...we just worked. And it was beautifully encouraging.

Last night, before dinner, the power went off, and remained off for several hours. We'll post the recap video from the last few days when we can.

This week, our devotions centered on people in Scripture who underwent struggles, temptations and trials. Jesus, Job, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego. It was no accident. It was what our group needed to through and with, and I hope and pray that they will see that while growth comes through happy times, and joyous interactions with one another, it also comes through times of challenge and hardship. On this trip we have experienced both happiness and hardship.

We just had our AM devotional. 24 hours from now, we'll be in McAllen. Culture shock will be in full-force. Please pray for our group as we work through our trip together over the weekend.


The Smiths said...

Wow. Thx for the update. Praying for you all for strength, encouragement, wisdom, understanding, healing, peace. Some of our most growing times come thru times of hardship...hard to experience at the time, but glorious results. Blessings to you all for the work you are enduring and the joys that you participate in! Safe travels, happy times, and we will see you in a few days!! You guys are awesome! I'm sure i speak for all of us when i say we love and miss you all!! ~

The Smiths said...

John - thx for your leadership of this team. My girls have a spray called Rescue Remedy that could benefit Elva and Sam. It is an all natural nerve balancer that helps restore "normalness" in times of high stress, accidents, & injuries. If they haven't already thought of it, you might ask them and check it out--see if you think it would help them esp. for traveling.~Paula

Anonymous said...

You have really been in our prayers. It was hard to hear that you are having some hard times but amazing to hear that good is coming of it too. Thank you so much for the posts and all of the honesty that goes into them. I love you, John!!! and miss you very much. We are praying for all of you. I miss you too Kate and Nate. J3 and I are anxious to hear about your trip and see all of your pictures. See you soon and I hope EJ and Sam are doing better today. Love, Anne/Mom

The Smiths said...

Happy Birthday Jenai!!!! :)

Nic, Brea, and everyone else ---thanks so much for the Birthday shout out ---- i was lol --- it's awesome!! what a great gift!!!
miss the music with the video (but then again, i might not have heard the shout out)! I love you girls! Blessings! ~ Paula

Anonymous said...

It has been great seeing the posts and videos. It helps me to feel not so far away. Adam, I am looking forward to our drive home so you can tell me all about the trip. Thanks to the rest of you for letting him be a part of this awesome expirence. See you soon - Mom/Sherri

EnElAytch said...

Praying for you Sam and EJ. Happy Birthday Mrs. Smith :-)

Keep safe down there, a friend of mine from the southern tip of Texas lost his place to the hurricane.

Brea and Nic, you're hilarious haha!

Anonymous said...

I hope my mom is OK after her fall.

(Maybe if I sign in as "Anonymous," then no one will know who wrote this, he thought.) ha ha

I hope you all continue with a great experience!

breanna said...

awwww! i miss that food!!!