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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekly Parent Email-January 20, 2009

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all of you who came out for out annual parent meeting this past Saturday. We had a lot to talk about, there was great discussion and good questions asked. Here are a few things that came from the discussion:

The New Sexuality Study: We are working on a schedule for our New Sexuality study, to begin sometime in February. The groups will be separated throughout this lesson series, from beginning to end. As soon as we have it, you’ll know what topics we’ll be discussing and when we’ll be discussing them. The parents who attended the meeting all have copies of the each of the topics, as well as discussion questions we’ll be walking the kids through. If you’d like copy, please contact me and I’ll get one out to you.

Kansas Mission Trip: There was a lot of discussion about making this a middle school only trip this summer. If you have an opinion, we’d like for you to attend our February ministry team meeting. We’ll block time out early in the meeting to converse about it. Our meeting will be February 15, immediately following corporate worship. After discussion and hearing your thoughts, a decision by our team will be made.

Mexico Mission Trip: We also discussed the National Missionary Convention attendance requirement for the 2010 Mission Trip to Mexico. This week, I’m spending time putting the thoughts and reasons to paper, and I plan on visiting with you if you had questions and concerns about this. This document will also hit the parent website soon.

Speaking of the website, if you haven’t visited it lately, there are now links to all sorts of things, d-group lessons, permission slips, more and more documents will be stored there for your viewing pleasure.

A few things coming up:
GORF for middle school students- We’ll be leaving Eastview by 11am on Friday, December 30th, and return by mid-afternoon on Sunday, February 1. We will meet for d-group that night.

Lincoln Christian College and Seminary visit for high school seniors- February 16. We’ll be leaving EARLY that morning, and be back early evening. Cost will be minimal (plan on $20).

Some websites of note:
Long Term Effects of Hook-Up Culture
Teens, Cell Phones and “Sexting”
Parents and the Example We Set

Have a great week!

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Dennis said...

Thanks for linking to our blog. Parents, thanks for your time, example, and investment in your own kids. YOU ARE the example they are looking to. Have a great week!