Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There are a few things coming up I wanted to let you know/remind you about...

1- We have a fundraiser at Wendy’s on Collins Rd coming up. We need people to help us make this effective. Basically, we’ll be promoting our church and youth ministry there that night. We’ll be volunteering to clear tables, get refills, etc. It will be a fun and easy fundraiser for us. It is also a profitable one. We need at least 6 people. Please let me know that you’ll be there!

2- In October, we’ll be doing at least a group photo, and maybe individual ones again for our group. I know there were parents who wondered why their kids’ photos were not in the wall, so this time, I’m letting you know that we’ll be taking them, the date will be out soon.

3- On October 21st after our corporate worship service, we’ll be have an informational meeting about our mission trips planned for next year. If you have a student involved in our ministry, both they and you need to be there!

Thanks for all that you do with your kids! You are setting the example for them, and you are doing great. You have created a home environment that makes them want to know Jesus!

Jesus is working in the lives of your students, your homes and our ministry. Keep up the good work.

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