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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eastview Parent Weekly, the CAMP Edition

Just a few reminders about some upcoming dates:

Saturday, May 30 (this Saturday)-10am-Noon-Meeting for our upcoming Kansas Mission Trip.
-Students who wish to attend and their parents must attend this meeting.
-After this meeting, our group will be set.

Monday, June 1 (NEXT Monday)-deadline for early-bird rates at our summer camp
-registration forms and checks must be mailed by this day TO camp.
-for those of you wishing to use student account funds and/or scholarship funds, please -remember that I MUST sign your registration form. To date, I’ve only singed one or two of these.

Speaking of camp:
I am going to be in a Dean’s position at both Middle School week 1 (June 14-19), and High School camp (July 5-11), I will need to leave for camp on those Sundays, right after church. In order for us to provide transportation for those weeks of camp, I REALLY need to know if your student is attending, so we leave no student behind. Please send me an email THIS week, letting me know which week your student will be attending.

I’ve been asked a time or two about swimsuits for girls. The camp policy is one-piece suits. I understand that it is difficult to find them. In the past, tanktini’s have been allowed, with students wearing a t-shirt over them. HOWEVER, it is up to the individual pool policy over whether or not they allow t-shirts to be worn. Again, I understand that this is frustrating, but there’s not much I can do about this. If possible, find a one-piece. If not, understand that they may not be allowed to swim.

We’ll be collecting cell phones and iPods at the registration table this year. Once I know who is going to camp, I will get you contact phone numbers to call in case of an emergency.

Wednesday, June 10-our final youth group for summer
-at the home of one of our youth leaders, Betty Dickerson
-car pooling/ride leaves Eastview at 5:30 pm, and returns by 8:30
-invitations going in the mail tomorrow with more specifics
-parents are welcome to join us.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a few incidents with students using phones during our lesson and small group times to text friends, and even having conversations in the middle of a teaching time. This is completely unacceptable. These items are not welcome at our youth events. We expect students to leave them home. If they bring them, we’re going to collect them. If there is an EMERGENCY, please contact the church at 319-393-9570, or call me at 319-389-5384.

And last but not least...our ministry team is in the process of making some BIG changes to our weekly youth group (Wednesday night) program. To see what’s being considered, you can download a file here. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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