Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 2008 Parent Letter

December 3, 2008

Dear Parents,

This will be the final letter for 2008. On behalf of all of our adult sponsors and leaders, I want to thank you for allowing us to work with your kids in 2008. We had a great year! In January, I’ll include our ministry team’s annual report for 2008 in my letter home to you.

Our youth group Christmas party is scheduled for Wednesday night, December 17, at our normal youth group time. Students should bring a “white elephant” gag gift for another student. It can be a stuffed animal from, but purchased gifts should be less than $5 and god for a boy or a girl. We’ll also have them bring either a snack or drink, but those details are coming soon.

Here are a few of the BIG things coming in 2009…

• Annual Parent Meeting is Saturday, January 17 from 11am-1pm.
o Because we have so many new students, I’d like to spend some time listening to you and sharing with you about our ministry for 2009. We’ll also spend time talking about our February/March teaching series, entitled “The New Sexuality”, and we need your input. We have 21 topics to choose from, issues like pornography, same-sex questions, the issue of oral sex before marriage, and sexual integrity, and we need you to tell us what issues you want addressed, and more importantly, what you don’t want talked about. We’ll also be talking about our 2009 calendar of events and answering questions. Please come and be a part of this important meeting.

• Summer Camp season at North East Iowa Christian Service Camp. Our camp theme for 2009 is “Thirst”. The kids will be challenged to see what they’re filling up their lives with.
o Our middle school camp week in 2009 is June 14-19, and is for students going into grades 6-8 for the 2009-2010 school year.
o Our high school camp week in 2009 is July 5-11, and is for students going into grades 9-12 for the 2009-2010 school year.

• Mission: Kansas. We are returning to Morning Star Ranch in Florence, Kansas for our 2009 mission trip.
o Tentative dates are June 28-July 4.
o While this trip will be available to all students that come to Eastview, like all of our trips, mission trips are a privilege, not a right. There will be a basic registration process, and a few pre-trip meetings where attendance is mandatory. The cost for this trip will be approximately $140/student.
o All details will be finalized by March. We’ll have an informational meeting on Saturday, March 28th.

It is our hope and prayer that you have a blessed holiday season. In an age of declining stock markets, rising costs and troubled times, Jesus Christ is the rock on which believers stand. He alone is the Unfailing One.

Closing out 2008…

John Mulholland
Next Generations Minister
Eastview Christian Church

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