Monday, October 29, 2007

13 is the new 18?

I got this email today. My son Nathan, 14, has his own email account through MSN. When he originally signed up for it, he had to have parental authorization. Now, according to MSN, not only does he not need my authority to have an email account through them, but I may not "manage permission for this child for Microsoft Online Services." Here's the email in totality...the arrogance is astounding.

"Dear parent or guardian:

According to the birth date provided for your child's Microsoft online account,
Nathan is now 13 years old. You are therefore no longer able to manage permissions
for the Nathan account through Account Services, and your child may create a new
account without your permission.

United States law requires websites and services to obtain parental permission to
collect, use, or share personal information from children under 13. Because this
child is now 13, you can no longer manage permission for this child for Microsoft
online services."

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