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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Youth Group Recap, April 13 2009

Indoor crab soccer, high school versus middle school, high school won

Teaching Series
Worthless-A Study in Ecclesiastes

Vows-keeping our word and the importance of God keeping His

Key Verses:
Ecclesiastes 5:1-7, Judges 11:21-40, Genesis 18:16-33, Genesis 19:15-29

35-140% of same week last year

Main Group Testimony:
We played "gross games". Five boys had a contest to see who could finish off a jar of artichoke hearts first, and five girls had an anchovy eating contest. The winner of each was promised a great prize. In fact, the "losers" received the better of the gifts. this lead into our discussion of how God always keeps His word. He is both merciful and just.

Small Group Time:
We went through the above verses and talked about why God must keep his word to His people. We talked about what the world would be like if God were not merciful, and also what it would be like if He were not just.

Closing Challenge:
Do you keep your word?
How has God kept his in your life?

Questions You Can Ask:
What would the world be like if God were not merciful? (hopeless)
What would the world be like if God were not just? (more evil and wicked than it is)

Coming up next:
Sunday School (May 17)
Youth Group (April 20- Wealth)

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