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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mission Kansas, Tuesday-trip end


Tuesday, we spent the morning and afternoon putting more primer on the walls and ceiling at the third house on the top of the hill. Later that afternoon, we went swimming in the pool. That evening, we had a campfire and grilled brats, hotdogs and made s'mores. Afterward, we hung out together as a group, plying games and chatting until bedtime.


The work project done, Wednesday was our first relax day. The morning was spent doing a little cleaning and playing games, and the afternoon was spent on the high elements course there at the Ranch. At 3:30, we went to spend more time at the pool as a group. That afternoon, several of the guys at the Ranch involved in their discipleship program, tagged our trailer with our church name. It was pretty cool to see it come together from a sharpie outline to fully painted. The night, we had a meal with many of the interns and counselors at the camp, then made a campfire and had devotions there. One of the discipleship program students joined us and shared his testimony which was really cool.


We left MSR for Kansas City and Worlds of Fun. It was raining when we left, so the day was a little in question, but by the time we got to Kansas City, the clouds were gone and the park was open, with not that many people there. We rode many of the rides, ate some food, and then left the park for our hotel by 5:30 that afternoon. We went swimming at the hotel and then went to Waffle House for dinner. We returned to the hotel for some group time, and went to bed around 10:30pm.


Friday morning, we awoke at 6:00am, had breakfast at the hotel, and then left for Cedar Rapids. We arrived back in CR at 12:15pm. We had a GREAT trip. The kids were fun to be with and worked hard. Cathy and Rob worked well with our students and it was fun getting to know them better.

You can see ALL of the pictures taken on the trip by clicking here. Enjoy!

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