Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekly Info

Starting now, I'll begin to post weekly communication here, since I do not have an email address for all parents.

No word yet from Younkers on when we’ll be getting the coupon books to pre-sell. I’ll contact them this week to get more information and wil let you know as soon as we have them.

Upcoming Senior High Trip to St Louis
Permission slips for our senior high trip for CIY’s Discipleship in St Louis are due back to me by January 27. Registration goes up $10/person after this date, so get them in early! The slips are available on the parents website.

Last night, we began our “Pursuit” study and had lot’s of good conversation and questions asked. We’ll be starting a new study at the end of February, so please be on the lookout for more information!

Youth Group
We started our year-long study of Jesus last week. For the year, we have committed to the “Student Life” Bible study. The LORD blessed us with 28 students! We also had the students participate in a survey asking them why they attend as well as some other things. The results will be compiled and discussed at our culture event on March 15th. I hope you’ll all attend.

Sunday School
We continue to combine the middle school/high school and adult classes. We do have a coffee/donut time beginning at 8:15. If you come at that time, you get to hang out with our youth, get a seat on one of our couches or chairs, and you’ll be on time for class to start at 8:45. Remember, your example as parents is larger than anything we do or anyone else in their lives!

Yesterday, we discussed the purpose of the baptism of Jesus, from Matthew 3:13-17. Also discussed was “Who do I say Jesus is?”

Your follow-up:
Read John14:6-7 with your family and discuss the following:
Do some people in your acquaintance believe that there are other ways to God besides Jesus? If so, what are those ways?
Why do you think God established only one way to himself through Jesus Christ? Why not through all religions or through other great men?
What is your reaction to the truth that there is one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ?
Close in prayer, thanking God for providing a way for people to have a personal relationship with him.

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