Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last night's questions

Last night, we asked the kids to respond to the questions written on 2 white boards in the fellowship hall.

Question 1: Do you have any questions about baptism?

What does baptism mean?
Why do people get baptized?
How to schedule one?
Is baptism necessary for salvation?
Is there anything to gain from it?
Why is original sin/sin from my parents so reflective on your life?

Question 2: What good has God done in your life?

He has given me everything in the world.
Seen me when I cried and been what I need to get through the night.
He saved me.
He has given me hope and joy in troubled times and great parents.
He's been with me when it seemed everyone left. He has seen me through everything.
Loved me when I'm crap, given me incredible friends, been there for me when I wanted him to be.

Next week, we'll be discussing the baptism of Jesus and we'll answer their questions as well. As for the second question, we'll be discussing this more on our Youth Culture day, March 15th, at Eastview Christian Church from 10am-3pm. The second question is dealt with specifically in the "Soul Searching" movie that we will watch that day. We hope you'll join us!

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