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Friday, February 29, 2008

This week's questions

Each week, we are asking the students who come to Wednesday night youth group to respond to 2 questions. Here are this weeks' questions and responses.

Question 1-What does God require of us?

-Believe in him and his word
-our everything 24/7
-obey him
-he requires us to do the Ten Commandments
-to obey your parents
-to be good people
-to listen to your older sister
-to live by his word and not to put no gods before him
-to believe in him
-love, glory and honor
-to do his will with him in mind

Question 2- What are your biggest temptations?

-seeing people happier than me
-peer pressure
-to be alone with myself and look at all of the horrible things I have done
-thinking everyone is prettier than me

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