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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall D-Group

For our Fall 2008 d-group curriculum, we'll be using Chuck Colson's book "The Faith". For details on the book itself, please go here. Here's the format, each week, the students will be assigned a chapter of the book, and then they'll answer questions from the companion study guide, available here. Each student will be responsible to purchase their own copy of the book. I'll buy them in bulk from Lemstone, where we can get them for just $13/each-regular price is $19/each. Students can give their $13 to me-I PREFER cash please!

I was asked last night if there was a particular Bible translation that was recommended for use in our ministry. My preference is the NIV Study Bible. The paperback from is only $16.49 and the hardcover is just $23.09.

This year for d-group, we as a group decided that we needed to have a "group covenant". The purpose of the group covenant is to lay the ground rules and expectations for our group. This past Sunday night, we spoke extensively to our students about this, and asked them what they thought our values as a group should be. What follows is the covenant that THEY came up with. We'll be meeting this Sunday night to confirm it, and then sign it. Once signed, these will be the expectations that our students will be under in order to attend d-group.

D-Group Covenant
Fall/Winter 2008

1. We’ll meet each Sunday night from 6-8pm.
2. We’ll meet at Eastview Christian Church.
3. Our Bible study will focus on basic Christian theology.
4. We will agree on the following primary values for our group…

Priority- While we are in the group, we will give the group meetings priority, and if we are unable to attend or are running late, we’ll call ahead. If we miss 3 group meetings, we expect to be confronted about our absence, and continued absenteeism will lead to my not being involved in the group.

Confidentiality- Confidentiality is expected. Gossiping about our group will not be tolerated. Anyone caught gossiping will be confronted and asked to leave the group, for good.

Preparation- All members are expected to come to our group time prepared. Prepared means:
• You have read a minimum of 4 days from your Bible per week.
• You have all required homework completed (notes taken, questions answered, reading, assignments, etc).
• You have your Bible, journal, pen/pencil and all assignments with you.
• A consistent lack of preparedness (3 times) will lead to confrontation, and if it continues, will lead to my not being involved in the group.

Respect- All members of the group are expected to respect one another. We need to be quiet and attentive when people are speaking, show maturity during disagreement, and love one another in thought, word and deed. Disrespect will not be tolerated, and could lead to my not being involved in the group.

An “in” for new people- The group stays open to new people as long as they understand the ground rules. The guidelines for filling the open chair are: Students wishing to come to d-group may come up to 3 times. After the third time, they will be asked to sign the covenant. Should they not desire to sign, they will not be able to participate.

Scripture memorization- Group members will be expected to memorize at least one passage/month. The text will be relevant to the current study.

I understand that the purpose of D-group is to deepen my relationship with Christ. I know D-Group is a commitment and will keep it a top priority. I understand that failure to follow our group covenant will lead to my not being involved with the group. In understanding all of these things, I commit to being a part of d-group for the September-December 2008 session.

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