Monday, May 3, 2010

Youth Group Recaps: April 25-May 1, 2010

Senior High
April 25, 2010

Topic: An exploration of the power of music and its role as part of a worshipful lifestyle.

Take Away: Music is intended to be a powerful part of worshiping God.

Next Week: A continued exploration of music and worship.

Middle School
April 28, 2010

Topic: Revelation Happenings - we did an activity where the students had to draw what they thought would happen when the end of the world came. Monna then asked if they thought they would be ready if it 6am tomorrow. We had different answers to the question (and many interesting pictures).

Take Away: We had a couple of takeaways. We read mainly from Revelation 1:9-18, but referred back to Daniel 7:9-10 for similarities. We talked about prophesy versus vision and what the difference is. Prophesy being a "warning" to people to turn away from sin. Vision is a message that God wants to reveal to us. We related it back to the story we read and how we know that the Lord is coming back, and although we don't know exactly when, we need to be ready when He does.

The second takeaway was from Revelation 3:16. Basically if we are lukewarm in our faith, God will "spit" us out when it is time to go to Him. We need to be "hot" for Him..learn about Him and do what we have to do in order to please Him.

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