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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Youth Group/E-Klub recaps February 21-27, 2010

High School Youth Group -- February 21, 2010

Lesson Theme/Topic: We concluded our 3-part series on prayer. We opened with the following video from the movie "Talladega Nights":

What they should have left with: Prayer is a spiritual disciple that all Christians must be engaged in. It is one of our connecting points to God. We need to take it seriously, and understand that there are right, and wrong ways to pray.

Next week: We begin our series on "Loving Others". First up? Gossip.

Middle School Youth Group -- February 24, 2010

Lesson Theme/Topic:
Wednesday nights lesson continued with our "Scary, Gross and Weird Stories from the Bible". Our story this week was from Judges 4:1-29, about a king named Jael who took in an enemy of Israel and then killed him by putting a tent peg through his temple. OUCH!

What they should have left with: Monna Kreher did a GREAT job sharing about courage. The kids were asked to write on a slip of paper something that they needed courage for this week, and then the requests were passed around. Each of the kids were prayed for and were asked to pray for others through the week.

Next week:
We will be talking about Elijah and the prophets of Baal, as detailed in 1 Kings 18 from the Old Testament.

E-Klub- February 24, 2010

Lesson Theme/Topic:
Last night's lesson was about being friends. Our scripture was from Luke 6:27-38. Jesus taught that we should love our enemies and treat others as we want to be treated.

What they should have left with:
In our centers we worked together as teams to accomplish goals and we made beaded pin-ons to give to friends. We learned that being friends isn't only being nice to each other it's also helping someone when the need help.

Coming up: living what you believe.

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