Monday, July 5, 2010

T-minus 48 hours

On Wednesday morning at about 11am, our group will be leaving Eastview Christian Church for San Luis Potosi Mexico.  We have 4 students and 5 adults going.  We'll be helping at 4 different Vacation Bible School locations in San Luis Potosi.  The mission that we'll be supporting is Pavon Christian Ministry.

Here's our schedule:

July 7: Drive to Chicago
July 8: Fly to San Luis Potosi, go to our first VBS day within 2 hours of landing
July 8-11:  VBS at Gorgorron
July 12-16:  VBS at Pavon Church in the AM, and La Mision and Rancho Nuevo in the PM
July 17-18:  Enjoy SLP
July 19:  Fly to Chicago for debrief
July 20: Return to Eastview

You can follow our trip on this blog, as well as on our church's Facebook page.  We'll post at least daily while gone, pictures, video and blogposts.  We'd love to have you follow us!

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