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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Update

From Nickie Smith...

Hola! Como estas??? ... lo siento... or sorry.. right now I speak Spanish quicker than English.. which is stinkin AWESOME!!!!

Today was really amazing. We went to church this morning and heard the entire thing in Spanish, which was really, really cool. Amy (the missionary) interpreted Johns message, which was interesting. I wore a dress... *watches everyone who knows her pass out* ... that I bought at the market on Friday (?) I believe. It was cool. After the service we ate at the church; they were celebrating their 15th year of being a church. Juan and Armando (2 kids from Rancho Nuevo, who are the most amazing kids EVER!!! I love them a lot!) and David and all of us teens played Tag before and after church, and again at Rancho Nuevo this afternoon. When we got done, we started helping Amy prepare for VBS tomorrow at the church... which consisted of coloring, coloring, and more coloring, lol. We also testing to see how long it will take to get from one station to the next. It soon became a race, and was so much fun. There's nothing quite like running around screaming "DONDE ESTA SHERI'S CUARTO?" at the top of your lungs, and finding Sheri's room 20 seconds before Amy blows her whistle. It was pretty darn amazing. We ran back "home" and changed (this entire time we were all still in our dresses and dress shirts.. hahahahaha), and then headed out to Rancho Nuevo for our last time. Tengo muy triste!! I'm sad. I really miss Juan screaming "TENGO PAZ COMO RIO" ("I've got peace like a river") at the top of his little lungs, and all of the kids asking for my camera the second I pull it out of my pocket. "Bateria al fin".. "Battery all done" became one of the most used phrases.. along with "Que?", "Lo Siento", and "Aqui Aqui!" (Here, here!). The kids were amazing, some of them less than a year old. After Rancho Nuevo we went back to the church to finish up for VBS tomorrow and for a prayer meeting, then we came back here to Brigido's to work on them and hang out with the youth in the Youth Home. They are all really really funny. After dinner Adam and I were doing the dishes, and I was telling him a story, and I started jumping up and down and hopping on one foot explaining. 2 of the guys, Marco and Jeremy just looked at me like I'd lost my mind. My nickname is now "Loca".. hahahahaha.

So, right now a bunch of us are coloring and cutting out stuff.. everyone is exhausted, but no one wants to go home. Life in Mexico is amazing. I love the kids, and the adults are amazing. Yesterday I was trying to take a group picture of all the kids, and instead of saying "Smile" in Spanish, I said "Cerveza", or Beer. Brigido was definately smiling.

We have 2 Katies here, and so right now we're trying to figure out how to tell them apart. Katy is an intern here and has been interning for 3 months now. I think that's really cool. She speaks as fluently as the Mexicans.

Okay, I'm gonna go back and help so that we all can hopefully sleep tonight (hahaha). Buenos Noches!

From San Luis Potosi,

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The Smiths said...

Looks like real Jesus work is going on in Mexico!!!! Keep up the great work. Nicole you have a wonderfully beautiful dress on and you look beautiful in it! (I knew you could do it!!!) Breanna it just amazes me how the kids come running to you all the time -- they must love you! Keep up the excellent work! Love ya Dad.