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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some post-trip thoughts-Student

From Jenai's xanga:

"buenos dias!
dias? tardes hombre!!

well i dont really know what to say.

mexico was a freaking blast! i loved it! but i was asked by someone while there if the trip was a let down, or if it wasnt what i expected..and my answer was; no. it was more than i expected cause ive taught myself to not have expectations about things like that. but i was dissapointed with some things..well people acctually, even with me. i was dissapointed with the way we all treated each other and the attitudes that we all had. and i was also asked by the same person what i would change about the trip..and my answer was "nothing,, well thats a lie...i would change the length of the trip, make it longer.. but other than that, nothing..cause i cant change peoples personalities..even tho at times i wish i could, theres no way i could..." so i accepted that..and i still had the best time of my life there but i do wish people could change. and that the people who i had problems with could have sucked it up and gotten over their problems. cause that was a let down.

but on the flip side, i got really close to a couple people. and im super happy about that, cause they're my best friends now. and i love them to death!! all of us have our inside jokes now, and they are the best ones EVER!! and we have our memories, pictures, creepers and bruises that will hopefully never go away.

well, i dont know where im going with this..and probably none of that makes much sense...but whatever..cause i dont feel like going over it and re-writing it, again. lol...but i do feel like going back and never leaving!!

so off now...if you want to hear stories lemme know...or look at the pictures, and watch the videos...cause they're freakin awesome!!!"

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