Friday, July 18, 2008

Work day-1

We arrived last night (this morning??) about 12:30am in SLP. we got to Brigido's house around 1am, had some ham sandwiches, and then went to bed.

We awoke this morning about 8am, and had our devotional time. The focus was realizing that we are away from the "normal" things that mark our lives...XBox, cellphones, Facebook, etc and how we needed to make a transition to focusing on what God wants with us. We spent time in prayer, and then had a great breakfast of pancakes and bacon. The kids ate well. Then we were off to Pavon Church of Christ to do some work there. We cleaned chairs, created a wall where there was none before, and the swept the whole building. We returned to the youth home and ate lunch: taquitos and salad, and the students had their first taste of "real" coke in a bottle. In about an hour, we're going to head to Rancho Nuevo for a day of VBS, and then to the market tonight.

Today's guest blogger is Jenai are some of her thoughts...

yesterday was A LOT of fun! :) we woke up super early so that we could get on a really small plane too Houston, Texas then about 15 minutes after landing we got on another to McAllen, Texas. on that flight we went over the Gulf of Mexico..and that was really awesome. the water was so blue and calm..beautiful! and then, we went to the bus station and waited a while there, eating $5 foot longs from subway (eat fresh) and tried sleeping a little. and so at about 1:15 our 10 hour bus ride on the Noreste bus to San Luis Potosi started. we got to the border not too long after leaving and that took longer than expected. :( but all is well! cause everything worked out without a hitch and we were in Mexico at last! :) while on the bus, spiderman 3 started playing, of course it was in spanish with no subtitles. so some people watched it others went to sleep (which was most needed in my case) then finally after 5 spanish movies, one english flick that you could not hear and looking at God's creation (which was incredible) were all finished, we were in SLP at last! :) Brigido was there waiting for us in the bus station and helped us load up the truck and brought us to his home. which is the cutest house i think i have ever seen! :) done now cause that was longer than john wanted im sure. lol :)
te paz guys! see you all when we're back. :) ~jenai

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