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Monday, March 9, 2009

Eastview Parent Weekly, March 8-14, 2009

Here’s the happenings:

Wednesday Night Lesson Plan:
March 11 1 Timothy 4:12- Love (Testimony-Samantha Holley)
March 18 1 Timothy 4:12- Faith (Testimony- To be determined)
March 25 1 Timothy 4:12- Purity (Testimony-Nickie Smith)
April 1 1 Timothy 4:12 What’s the point?
April-May Book of Ecclesiastes What does a life without God look like?

March 22
D-group Retreat permission slip and $20 deposit is due

March 28 10am-noon
Meeting for parents and students for the middle school Kansas Mission Trip coming up at the end of June

Coming in April
Kernel Stadium Fundraiser nights
April 10 & 11
30 Hour Famine
April 24-25
Emphasis on Urban Ministry
More details coming next week
Parent’s Night/5th Grade orientation
we’ll be coordinating with Children’s Ministry for a parent night in April. On the same night, we’ll have the 5th graders up for an orientation time.
This will be a time for you to come, eat with your kids, experience our game time and then our large group teaching time. After our kids are dismissed to their small groups, there will be a time for parents and myself to meet and talk about our ministry and church programming and answer any questions. I’ll have a date for this in next week’s email.

I’m still interested in your feedback about our Student Ministry. Here are the questions that I asked:

How can the youth ministry support you and your family better?
What, in your opinion, are we doing well?
What, in your opinion, could we work on?

You can respond to me personally by replying to this email, or anonymously at our Parent Website: .

Speaking of our website, each Thursday, we’ll post a recap of our Wednesday night service there, along with a follow-up question or 2 for you to ask your students about.

I hope that you have a great week!

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