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Monday, March 30, 2009

Eastview Parent Weekly, March 29-April 4

Well, I guess winter is not done with us yet! I actually went into the ditch Saturday night coming home from a friends house, the tow truck was out and everything. Here are some updates:

Kansas Mission Trip
It looks like this will be a smaller trip than originally envisioned, which is great. If you were unable to attend our meeting this past Saturday, please contact me by THIS Wednesday, so I can arrange to meet with you and your students to discuss the trip personally. I’m contacting Morning Star Ranch to talk about work projects for our group, and would like to have a head count by mid-April.

Wednesday Youth Group
This week will be our final week from 1 Timothy 4:12. Beginning next Wednesday, we’ll begin “Worthless”, our study on the the book of Ecclesiastes. The Ecclesiastes study will take us through the end of May. Our final “official” youth group for this school year will be June 10. We have a summer calendar full of camps and trips; there will also be a few “casual” events that may happen as well. We’ll let you know when they’re coming up!

April 29th Parent’s Night
Please join us on April 29th! This will also be the night that our 5th graders are promoted into youth group. We’ll be contacting you over the next few weeks so we have all the food that we need. We hope that you will come and see what goes on at Eastview on Wednesday nights.

A few other things:
Because we have summer events scheduled that cost money, we seek to provide fundraising opportunities for our students. We’ve tried a number of different things in the past, from car washes to bake sales. We have found that while there are many fundraisers out there, many simply do not make sense compared to the work put into them. We have reduced our fundraisers to 2 (two) main ones: 1-we clean at the Kernels Stadium throughout the summer, and 2-our Fall spaghetti dinner/dessert auction/talent show. We may do a few other “small” ones as well, these require a few students and usually are on short notice-yard raking/cleaning, spring cleaning at the homes of people in our church, etc. It’s important for our students to understand that our fundraisers are WORK. We certainly have fun while working, but we are working.

Kernels Stadium: As long as we have 10-15 students and adults who are willing to work HARD...this should take an hour and a half at the most. Here’s the schedule for our upcoming Kernels clean-up days and when we need to be there:
Friday, April 10 by 9:30pm
Saturday, April 11 by 5:00pm
Friday May 1 by 3:00pm
Saturday May 2 by 9:30pm
Friday May 15 by 9:30pm
Friday May 22 by 9:30pm

We do have a scholarship fund! Due to the number of MAJOR activities planned for the summer, please get your applications in EARLY. That way, we know what our needs will be. Please check out the form and policy over to the right. Here are the due dates for scholarship requests for our summer activities:
Event: Applications due by:
Middle School Camp Week #1 April 19th
Kansas Mission Trip May 3rd
High School Camp Week May 10th
Middle School Camp Week #2 May 17th
CIY Summer Conference June 1st

Please be on the look out for the April Parent letter, coming home this Wednesday night!

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