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Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 11 Youth Group Follow-up

Teaching Series:
Set an example...

Set an example with your LOVE

Key Verse:
1 Timothy 4:12

31, +55% over same week last year

Main Group Testimony:
Samantha Holley (one of our seniors) gave the main group testimony. She spoke about her own discovery that God loved her over the past few years, and what that meant. She shared that the Greek word we define simply as "love" used in this verse was agape and it means "an active love from God towards His Son and His people, and our active love for God, His people and our enemies". Some of the guys in our group had some issues with respecting Samantha as she spoke (see below).

Small Group Time:
The girls small group followed up on Samantha's testimony.
During the guy's small group time, we talked about respect and why it was important. We talked about God's love and how He demonstrated it by sending His Son to pay for our sin. We talked about how, if we love one another, we'll respect one another.

Closing Challenge:
In the guy's small group, we have some students whose spiritual growth is being hindered by the disrespect of others, and I let those hindering students know that if they were not interested in coming on Wednesday nights, that they were not required to be there.

Questions You Can Ask:
How does God show love for you?
How can you be an example in your love towards other people?

Coming up next:
Sunday School (March 22)
Youth Group (March 18): Set an example in your Faith-We'll be interviewing some of our seniors who will talk about how their faith has grown and changed over their years in youth group.

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