Friday, March 27, 2009

March 25 Youth Group Recap

Drop Dead

Teaching Series
Set an example...

Set an example with your PURITY

Key Verse:
1 Timothy 4:12

22-88% of same week last year, With Spring Break week, many kids are going to their "other" families.

Main Group Testimony:
Nicole smith, one of our graduating seniors, gave the main group talk. Not only did she talk about sexual purity, but purity of thoughts, actions, motivations, words. She did a great job.

Small Group Time:
The girls small group followed up with Nicole. They talked a lot about modesty.
During the guy's small group time, we watched a video on dealing with sexual temptation, talked about pornography and God's plan for sexuality.

Closing Challenge:
In the guy's small group, I challenged the guys that if they were struggling with pornography that they needed to get into an accountability relationship with someone who can encourage them.

Questions You Can Ask:
What does purity mean to you?
Discuss the following thought: Instead of asking "How far can we go?", what if we asked "How pure can we be?"

Coming up next:
Sunday School (March 29)
Youth Group (April 1): 1 Timothy 4:12- Why should we set an example?

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