Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Delayed Weekly Post

Sorry this has been delayed, I've had trouble getting onto the Blogger page for a few days.

Here are a few things that you need to know:

$50 deposit for CIY Summer Conference is due.

30 Hour Famine:
Coming up this weekend is our annual participation in an event called 30 Hour Famine. Our youth ministry has partnered with World Vision in this event for many years. This year however, is going to be different. This year, the funds raised will go to a local ministry here in Cedar Rapids. We’re supporting the Cedar House Shelter in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Here’s the “run-down” (that was for all of you “Office” fans out there...)

10am- For those participating, we’re asking that their final meal of the day be around 10am
5pm- Registration/Introduction/Educate
8pm- Small meal
9-11pm- Kernels cleaning
Post-game- Debrief at Eastview, sleep

6am- Wake up
7am- Head to Cedar House Shelter for service projects
Noon- Lunch
1pm-5pm- Debrief/Group Project
6pm- Dismiss

We have talked a lot about this event with our kids. Please review the following with them:

  • This is an event about service. It is designed to create awareness, empathy, and a heart for God’s people. Whether it is not eating for a few hours, eating food that they do not care for, cleaning at the stadium or sleeping in a box, we have designed this event to make the students uncomfortable to push them to their limits. If you do not feel that your student is up to this challenge, please don’t send them.
  • Friday night, we’ll be sleeping outside in boxes in the parking lot at Eastview. The low’s for the weekend look to be in the mid-50’s. All students will be expected to sleep in the parking lot.
  • Saturday, we’ll be doing various work projects at the Cedar House Shelter. All students will be expected to participate in whatever work projects we are assigned.
This is going to be a great event. On Sunday April 26, there will be a brief presentation and slide show depicting the events of the weekend during our Sunday service. We’d love to see you there.

April 29-(Next Wednesday):
-$35 deposit and registration form
-Promotion Wednesday, our 5th graders are coming to join us in youth group for the rest of the year.
-Parent Night- You're invited to come and check us out. Join us at 5:45 for a meal, then stay for our organized game time and main lesson. After our groups break into their small-groups, I'll visit with parents for a time of fellowship and questions and answers.

Have a great week!

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