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Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 29 Youth Group Recap

What an awesome night last night! We had EIGHT new 5th graders graduate out of E-Klub.


Multi-base kickball, boys vs girls. Boys won.

Teaching Series
Worthless-A Study in Ecclesiastes

There is a time for everything, good and bad.

Key Verses:
Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

29-120% of same week last year

Main Group Testimony:
John Mulholland talked about a "time for everything", God has it all under control. all of the bad things will be made right by God.

Small Group Time:
The small groups talked about how God has placed "eternity in our hearts", meaning, God has created in each of us a desire for more that just eating, drinking and making money.

Closing Challenge:
At the end of our lives, all we are left with is our relationship, or lack of relationship with God

Questions You Can Ask:
What kinds of things are you working for?
What things in your life would you change if you took these verses 100% seriously?

Coming up next:
Sunday School (May 3)
Youth Group (April 29)

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