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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 1 Youth Group Recap

4-base whiffle ball...the boys won.

Teaching Series
Set an example...

Why should we set an example?

Key Verse:
1 Timothy 4:12

23-88% of same week last year

Main Group Testimony:
Since we've been talking about the same verse for the last 7 weeks, we wanted to see if any of them learned it. We had about 10 kids get it mostly right, so they got a prize. We also talked about what was coming up next.

Small Group Time:
We spent time talking about each of the area that Paul had encouraged Timothy in. We asked which of the 5 were "easy" to be an example in, and which were "tough".

Closing Challenge:
We challenged the groups to consider what headway they have made in these areas. We also encouraged them to keep being an example.

Questions You Can Ask:
What were the 5 things that Paul encouraged Timothy in?

Coming up next:
Sunday School (March 29)
Youth Group (April 1): Ecclesiastes Study

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