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Monday, April 6, 2009

Parent Weekly, April 5-11

Coming up this week:

Wednesday night, were beginning a study series from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. We’re calling the series “Worthless”. Biblically, we intend to show that life without God is no life at all. We hope to see all of our students there!

Friday &Saturday: Kernels fundraiser. We need at least 10-12 students and adults to help us clean Kernels stadium after their games.
Friday- Meet at Stadium by 9:30
Saturday- Meet at the Stadium by 5pm
Big Purple will leave the church parking lot at 9pm on Friday night, and 4:30pm on Saturday if you would like to drop off/pick up at Eastview. We’ll call both evenings when we leave the stadium. If you or your student is planning on being there, please let me know asap.

A little further out:

April 22- CIY Summer conference deposit of for 8th graders-graduating senior is due by April 22. The deposit is $50. Currently, the week we are planning on attending is 77% full. I cannot guarantee that students will be able to attend if we do not register by April 22. All information is available in the “forms” section at the parent website. Sponsors for this trip are myself, Steve Novak, and Betty Dickerson.

April 24 & 25- 30 Hour Famine at Eastview. All details are on the registration sheet, over at the parent website.

April 29-
Parents night at Eastview Student Ministry. We hope to see you there!
Kansas Mission Trip (Middle School Students) registration forms are due with $35 deposit. Sponsors for this trip are myself, Rob Frederick, and Kathy

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